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PROBLEM: It did not happen that way and if we "accept the results" a win is a win, and tyranny wins.

The false allegations against Moore were hugely and widely exposed LONG AGO and did not affect him at all. From all legit social media posts I have found, voter turnout by conservatives exceeded the 2016 election and Moore should have had more votes than Trump did.

The explanation, which has been given by some MSM and even many "friendly" alt media types goes like this: "Moore lost because he was unrightfully slandered and "we cannot allow this anymore".

"People just could not get past the slander and believed he actually did it, and conservatives just could not bring themselves to put a molester in office".

Infosys Senior Vice President Sanjay Rajagopalan has resigned from his post, a month after Vishal Sikka stepped down as the company’s MD and CEO.

In his Linked In profile, Rajagopalan described himself as a “free man.”He also mentioned that he was employed with Infosys from August 2014 to September 2017, a duration of three years and two months.

Even our enemies in media are to a degree "acting sympathetic" and saying Gee, maybe that election was not fair because of the slander against Moore, but it happened, and we must accept the results.This site is just for entertainment only so click on the links below to see our Nude Pictures ! There is no point in sending mails when they are completely censored. THE 100,000 RADIATIONS/VACCINE REPORT THAT PROVES THE ASHKENAZI ARE DESTROYING ALL CHILDREN ON PURPOSE WITH VACCINES IS HERE The Google AI report is HERE Here is the Toltec Warrior/portals/Tula Giants access page (volume 2) Here is the Hearst/DC vents/Alamo access page (volume 1) Here is the access page for Conspiracy Files Volume 3.THAT WOULD BE A GREAT REASON TO HAVE THE COURT ALLOW THE RECORD OF THAT COUNT TO BE "DESTROYED," RIGHT?Now, if they are asked to prove they counted the vote, they can just say they deleted it. There is no explanation for what happened in Alabama, so if anyone has one, don't play stupid and accept it.It was widely anticipated that Rajagopalan would quit after Sikka put down his papers.


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