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According to Prez de Urbel, Rodrigo's appointment as conde in Castilla suggests some relationship with the royal family, maybe through Paterna, second wife of King Ramiro I.King Ordoo I appointed him to defend the eastern frontier of Asturias, replacing the previously appointed judges who ruled the country, although it appears that his rule as Conde de Castilla was limited to the area north of the Santander mountains. subscribed the charter dated 3 Feb 921 under which Gundissalbus Didaci comite filius et uxor mea domna Maria donated molinis..de Ebeia et de Arlanzon...As early as the reign of Alfonso II "el Casto" King of Asturias (791-842), the construction of a series of fortified villages and castles was started in the mountains above the upper Ebro to guard against Muslim invasions, from which the name "Castilla" (later given to the area) was derived.In 804, a separate bishopric was established at Valpuesta to administer religious affairs in the area.Didaco Roderiz, Munio Roderiz, Feles Roderiz, Donna Gotina....The first three witnesses are assumed to be the donors sons although the relationship is not specified in the document.King Sancho married the eldest daughter of Sancho Garca Count of Castile in 1010, which was to prove a judicious move for his own further territorial expansion.

The succession became hereditary in the same family, and the counts established full political autonomy from the neighbouring kingdoms of Len and Navarre.Fernando retained Castile, which was raised to the status of a kingdom.His succession as Fernando I King of Castile marked the arrival of Castile as a powerful force in Iberian politics.Didaco Roderiz, Munio Roderiz, Feles Roderiz, Donna Gotina... The Cronica de Sampiro names "Nunius Fredenandi, Abolmondar Albus et suus filius Didacus, et Fredenandi Ansuri filius" as those counts who governed "Burgos" and who were captured by King Ordoo II "in riuo Carrion, loco Tebulare", dateable to [922/23] from the context of the passage (-after 29 Dec 924).Didaco Roderiz, Munio Roderiz, Feles Roderiz, Donna Gotina... Rudericus Didaz et uxor mea Justa donated property to the monastery of San Juan de Tabladillo by charter dated 29 Dec 924, witnessed by ...They also strengthened the county's frontiers against Muslim incursions, although in the later 10th and early 11th centuries the ruling counts benefited from strategic alliances with certain Muslim rulers.


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