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Shards of badly broken bone sliced my spinal cord open in several places.Some shards were embedded in my spinal cord and some were still floating around in my neck. Swelling along with these meant that my quadriplegia would be severe.I lay on my back motionless staring at the sky for what seemed to be an eternity.Having dated a nurse for ten years, and knowing a paraplegic friend in wheelchair, I knew I would most likely be a quadriplegic for life.

Microsoft responded saying this software would never pass certification, so don't expect these types of games to hit console anytime soon.I owned and ran a successful electrical contracting business turning over 8K/year.I had ridden a Katana 650 around Australia with my brother and two mates and spent five months on a Kawasaki 650 twin riding across USA on my own. Growing up on my loving parents beautiful farm with three sisters and partner in crime brother, I’d rolled cars, jumped cars, brother even ran me over with a car. Laying in a hospital bed I remember thinking of all things I would never be able to do again.Like most young Australian blokes I was into motorcycles, surfing, fishing, 4×4 camping, and travel.I was totally paralyzed from the neck down and on the brink of life or death.


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