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Right after I downloaded it my computer slowed down and I got news about the virus that controls my computer...

I uninstalled it but I am still having so many problems...

It was a near-flawless performer in our cooling tests.

5-6 times I have downloaded & installed Flash player.

Is it possible that the person who gave me that virus could have redirected me to that site?

I have a child who uses this computer for homework and My Space and I can't let him use it until I get rid of this.I've run every anti-virus and anti-spy program I have and have removed all that's shown up, and rebooted, but this is still happening! MALWAREBYTES is the best for any spyware virus , it is easily available on net free. I've used the Malwarebytes program, as well as Adaware, Trojan Guarder, and Spyware Doctor and Xoftspyes.These programs will result in things being found on my computer, but even after I remove the things and reboot, those horrible ads are still there. Unfortunately, firewalls will by default block the port used by Remote Desktop / Terminal Services, making this request pretty useless.Instead I have used in the past Citrix products which load an Active X control on a web page that then connects to a server.I can then just send the link to my chat buddy, allowing us to completely bypass the firewalls.


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