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This technique also makes it easier to interface with databases. Combo boxes are drop-down list boxes that can also optionally allow you to edit them directly, hence the name combo box -- they are sort of like a combination of a list box and a text field.

You can use mnemonics and accelerators to make your menus and other items more keyboard accessible, both for expert users who happen to like shortcuts and for people who don't like to, or can't, use the mouse. Those little messages that pop up asking you if you really want to do something or other, or warning you about something? In Swing, message boxes are implemented via the JOption Pane class.

This tutorial begins a gentle introduction to using layout managers to layout your components in a resize-friendly way.

How to cause something to happen in one component in response to something that happens in another component.

Unveiling the mysteries of anchors, weights, insets and fills; in this tutorial you'll learn very powerful techniques used by many professional developers to design in-house and commercial Swing applications.

Using your own Event Object derived class to transmit information from one component to another.

Whether you're writing a business-oriented desktop application or a game, serialization makes saving and loading as easy as pie.

Each tutorial is fairly self-contained; but we'll also build two complete applications step by step along the way, so you can choose either to work through the whole course or to dip in and out.

This is an overview both of the course and of user interface programming in Java.

I'll also show you some useful resources that will help you write great programs, including where to find free software to create your program with (both by hand and visually) and where to find useful documentation. One of the hardest things about Swing programming is dealing with layout managers.

File Choosers give you a lot of functionality for free and, in their most basic form, are very easy to use.

The controller bit of MVC architecture is the bit that contains all the stuff that's left after you've finished creating that data bit (the model) and the view bit (the user interface).


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