Itunes music library xml not updating

To resolve this, open the i Tunes folder (you can check the location by going to the advanced tab in i Tunes preferences under 'i Tunes Media folder location') locating the 'i Tunes Library.xml' file and renaming this to 'i Tunes Music Library.xml' Serato DJ will then find and load the i Tunes library.

To understand what's happening here you'll need to know a little bit about how i Tunes allows other software read & import the i Tunes library & playlists.

If, for whatever reason, this XML get's corrupted by i Tunes, you may see such issues like incorrect date added tags, missing files, new files not showing up when added to your i Tunes library etc.

It is possible that you will have music in your i Tunes library that might not appear in Serato DJ.

However, by loading a third party library into Serato DJ there are a few issues you may run into, and we've outlined these below, but before reading any further, make sure you've checked out our troubleshooting i Tunes article first.

Checked all the right boxes but the i Tunes library still isn't loading?


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