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Now, most of Jordan's dates are bombs, until she meets Steve. I was asked to read it by a mutual friend and I loved it. The Grannie in this book reminded me of the Grandma in Rachel Van Dyken's 'The Bet' series. It was way over the top and had a lot of cheesy dialogue.They have quite a bit in common with each other since they are both in the educational field. He knows how Steve works, and isn't too happy with the prospect of Jordan getting close to anyone but him. They both tried to meddle in their grandkids love lives. But again, I did enjoy it because it was a fluffy read that was3 Over the Top stars! It was short enough that I wasn't too bored or all that annoyed, but still had quite a few eye roll moments. Matthews was a perfect way to kick-off my summer reading, and it’s a book that I enjoyed pretty much from start to finish. Matthews was a perfect way to kick-off my summer reading, and it’s a book that I enjoyed pretty much from start to finish.So, Grannie decides to sign Jordan up with a dating service.While Jordan is out on these dates Grannie makes sure that the dates are in a restaurant where JT is working.JT has raised himself and his younger brother for the past 6 years since his parents death.He's finishing up his masters degree in accounting and helping his brother Derek prepare for college.I love friends to lovers stories, especially when they're taboo, like a brothers little sister. But being back also brings some sadness for Jordan.

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Luckily JT is there to look out for Jordan as he?

Maybe he's the man for Jordan, maybe she's the woman for him. It was straight forward romance with little angst but a sweet and quick moving plot line. And all along, Jordan's grandmother was playing her cards right, so cute.

I loved Jordan and her endless ways to get JT to face his feelings. Of course, there has to be some drama, what with Jordan and JT finally getting together.

She signs Jordan up for a dating service – dinner dates twice per week will surely turn up a soul mate!

Ever since Jordan Billette’s father, Jeremy, died unexpectedly when she was eight years old, Jordan and her paternal grandmother (‘Grannie’) have shared a special bond by creating a tribute to Jeremy: a scrapbook that documents the important milestone of Jordan’s life from her first report card with letter grades, to her first kiss, to graduating from college. JT Murphy has been best friends with Jordan’s older brother Jared since they were in diapers.


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