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MORE: Bring Out the Goddess In You, This Is How Every woman needs to acknowledge the wonderful men who are already bringing value to her life, and many of these relationships are platonic.

Guy friends that you are not sleeping with (and they’re not trying to sleep with you either!

But my personal definition of dating is a bit more evolved than that.

Successfully dating more than one man requires that you understand that it’s a numbers game.

The MORE options you have, the BETTER selection you can make.

I have to remind you that men know this, and they don’t feel guilty dating more than one woman before they are ready to settle down. So while you’re still single, you shouldn’t feel guilty about dating more than one man.

There will be some men that you see once or twice a week, and other dates that you’ll only see once ever in your life.

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By the way, you do not have to sleep with any or all of the men in your rotation.Once you’ve decided that you are attracted to a man, romantic dates move the relationship further.Regardless of your age, a “boyfriend” is the man who has claimed you as his girlfriend, and commands (and hopefully deserves) your romantic attention and energy.If you want to learn more about setting up a dating rotation of your own, check out Kat Phang’s book, He’s That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready.John Picciuto, writer for our partners over at Elite Daily. There seems to be an ever-increasing proclivity for Gen-Yers to date more than one person at a time.They can text you “Good Morning” daily, engage in long texting sessions, have video Skype chats but never ask you out IN PERSON.


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