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Manufacturers are also adding known probiotics to cheese during or after the cheese making process.This way you get the good lactic acid bacteria PLUS a probiotic.“I was sitting in somebody’s office and Henry walked in and said, ‘Hey kid, what are you doing here?’ I said, ‘I’m getting ready to graduate and looking to work for a law firm.’He said, ‘Come see me tomorrow.’ I did, and the next thing I know I’m at The Tonight Show and having lunch with Johnny at The Grill at Table 43”—often accompanied by Bushkin, but sometimes just Carson, America’s biggest TV star.She was just very kind.”Colby adds: “I wasn’t star-struck so much with Johnny.Because of my age, I thought John Travolta was more of an exciting thing when he came to the office.”Carson, she recalls, “took what he did very seriously and he was happy to have the help around him…I don’t think he had a lot of relationships.

These lactic acid bacteria are good for you and most probiotics come from this family of bacteria. Probiotics are, by definition, "live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host." This has to be "proven" and unless there have been umpteen scientific studies done on a particular brand of cheese then it can not claim to be probiotic.

“He took me under his wing, and I have to say, I was very lucky—I just jumped right in,” recalls Colby, who says she occasionally negotiated on Carson’s behalf with NBC, conferred with Standards and Practices, offered the star business advice, and helped Carson Productions with the acquisition of radio stations and the deal to produce the cult classic The Big Chill.

Colby attended every Tonight Show taping, and greeted celebrity guests while getting to know David Letterman—whom she recalls as painfully shy—and Joan Rivers, a Bushkin law firm client.“I really respected and admired Joan,” Colby says, adding that she was “devastated” by Rivers’s untimely death last year.

It turns out that TV journalism can be a lot more fun than deal-making and number crunching.

The daughter of a television executive-father and a homemaker-mother, who split up when she 12, Colby spent her early years in New York City (the streetwise accents of which are still apparent in her delivery); after their parents divorced, she and her older brother Jonathan—who became a prominent attorney and judge—moved to Miami with their mom.


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